You may have problems
as follows:

  • You suffer from stiff shoulder, backache,
    and headache caused
    by daily deskwork.
  • You have chronic knee/elbow pain.
  • Your pain is alleviated by a massage or seitai temporally but
    get worse again soon.
  • You are not sure how long you have to visit the current clinic.
If you want to solve any of those problems
We fundamentally cure your pain with
a special technique used for professional athletes.

Athlete Support has
6strong points;


We have treated a lot of
top athletes in the past.

We provide a sports massage used to support pro athletes for more than 20 years,and fundamentally cure your pain.
We offer a massage popular both inside and outside Japan.

We offer a variety of services which attract
professional athletes, celebrities, and fashion models.

We meet a variety of needs ranging from care of top athletes to care of celebritiesor fashion models, from a professional point of view.

You can actually feel that you are“cured”.

You are not only treated, but also “cured” by total order made treatment. We will dothe best to solve your problems quickly and fundamentally.

We have the latest treatment equipment.

We have the newest treatment equipment and beauty equipment used by top athletes, Olympic athletes, or fashion models. We always use cutting-edge technologies to deal with various problems.

Our treatment plan is based on
the latest medical science.

Nakameguro Seitai Kumahara Athlete Support holds seminars and joint studies with sports doctors, research institutions, and professors throughout Japan, and provides evaluation data and treatment plans based on the latest medical science.

We offer a great environment for the treatment.

We attend customers pleasantly, cheerfully, and kindly.
We offer an environment where you can relax not only physically but also mentally.
You can receive the treatment even if you have something planned after that because a powder room is available.
We help you build a strong body not to have the pain back again,
instead of just removing the pain temporally.
How we understand your problem/
living environment, and asses your skeleton, muscle balance, and kinetic chain.

3 factors for
treating the pain


    High level technique

    We provide “a treatment plan which allows you to feel the effect” popular with professional athletes.

    “Improvement of joint movable range and pelvis function”, “approach to inner muscle”, and “optimization of kinetic chain of muscle or joints”
    will fundamentally treat the causes of the disorders and pains.

    Thorough analysis of your

    Sports trainers are specialists of cause analysis.

    The analysis is made based on your problem and physical condition, and also from various points of view such as your living environment, old wound, and activity level and the fundamental cause of your disorder and pain is identified.

    Continuous support which
    prevents reoccurrence of
    the problem

    We analyze your physical condition every time, make a fully personalized treatment plan, and perfectly support you until the problem is solved.

The customers we have sent trainers
to in the past

  • トレーナー依頼・派遣実績
  • トレーナー依頼・派遣実績
  • トレーナー依頼・派遣実績
  • トレーナー依頼・派遣実績
  • トレーナー依頼・派遣実績
  • トレーナー依頼・派遣実績
  • トレーナー依頼・派遣実績
  • トレーナー依頼・派遣実績
  • トレーナー依頼・派遣実績
  • トレーナー依頼・派遣実績
  • トレーナー依頼・派遣実績
  • トレーナー依頼・派遣実績
  • トレーナー依頼・派遣実績
  • トレーナー依頼・派遣実績
  • トレーナー依頼・派遣実績
Sports teams
  • Tohoku Rakuten Golden Eagles
  • Saginomiya Seisakusho Baseball Club
  • Hitachi, Ltd Baseball Club
  • Yukari Baba (pro golfer)
  • Professional baseball player (personal training)
  • Hakuoh University Baseball Club
  • Rikkyo University
  • Saitama field hockey team
And many more….
TV programs and entertainers
  • Nihon TV, interviewed by “Itte Q”
  • NHK “Kohaku Utagassen”
  • Movie “Mix” recording
  • Miku Koda, personal visit
  • TMR, persona visit
  • TRF, personal visit
And many more….

Reservation only.
Feel free to contact us.

〒153-0042 Sunrise Nakameguro 302,
1-30-13, Meguro-ku, tokyo
Open 10am to 9pm


We will provide
the best care
to you which even professional
athletes are satisfied with

1Sports massage × pelvis adjustment

We fundamentally improve your physical problem by sports massage which has supported professional athletes, and pelvis adjustment based on the latest medical science.

Unlike general massage or seitai, it’s a special sevice which provides sports massage, and pelvis adjustment which optimize your body balance, at the same time to enhance therapeutic effect.

Not only problems unique to athletes, various physical problems such as stiff shoulder and backache can also be fundamentally solved.

It is recommended if;

  • Have pain in the body, are constantly tired, or want to prevent injury;
  • Constantly have stiff shoulder or backache, or want to correct your posture.


3,500 yen
Counseling charge (1,500 yen) will be additionally required for the first visit.

2Radio waves

Kumahara athlete sports introduce the latest devices very quickly, which are popular with athletes. Among others, radio wave treatment is popular and effective.
The cells in your body are activated by heating up deep inside your body, and a great effect is obtained very quickly.
It is recommended if you have physical pain, your body is not flexible, or you want to have beautiful and slim legs.

It is recommended if;

  • Your body is not flexible, you constantly feel cold, you have stiff shoulder or backache, or you have pain in your body.
  • Massage does not work, you are on diet, or you want to have thin legs.
  • You always feel tired all over.


7,000 yen
Option + 3000 yen

Counseling charge (1,500 yen) will be additionally required for the first visit.

3plans for students and children

If you get injured in your childhood it could affect you for the rest of your life even if you are not an athlete.
We also put an emphasis on early treatment plan and prevention of injury of children. Care plan for athletes is also effective for children. Care should be taken from an early stage for a better future.
Junior plan fully supports physical conditioning of the children for their futures.

It is recommended if;

  • Got injured while playing sports, or have pain in the body.
  • Have injury peculiar to a sport (baseball elbow, baseball shoulder, Osgood, spondylolysis)
  • Want to improve your performance or want to condition your body.


3,000 yen
Counseling charge (1,500 yen) will be additionally required for the first visit.

4Pain relief and treatment

Nakameguro Seitai Kumahara Athlete Support treats trauma such as sprain, bruise, pulled muscle, or broken bone, in addition to chronic pain.
We use the latest treatment devices, which are regularly used by top athletes, to provide pain relief treatment with immediate effect and resilience improve treatment for early recovery.
We can also provide a variety of rehabilitation plans and help you build a strong body not to have the pain back, based on the knowledge of rehabilitation of top athletes.


1,500 yen
Counseling charge (1,500 yen) will be additionally required for the first visit.

Comments from the customers

A woman in her thirties having stiff shoulder

I visited newly opened Nakameguro Seitai Kumahara Athlete Support in Nakameguro.

I heard that pelvis correction is performed by sports trainers, so I was not sure if I could go since I’m not an athlete.

But when I visited, they were very nice and I felt relaxed.

They explained very clearly the cause of stiff shoulder and details of treatment available.

So, I received the treatment without worry.

I don’t have the pain any more, and visit there only for daily care.

The pelvis correction by sports trainers is very effective! I recommend you Nakameguro Seitai Kumahara Athlete Support!

A woman in her fourties having chronic backache and intolerance to cold

I suffered from chronic backache and intolerance to cold for a long time.

Although I visited various places for pelvis correction and massage, none of them are very special and didn’t make much difference to me.

One day, through my friend’s introduction, I visited Nakameguro Seitai Kumahara Athlete Support with long experience of treating athletes.

I was impressed by the unique treatment.

I thought it could be painful since it’s originally for athletes, but I was so relaxed and really felt the effect.

Also they told me how to care myself everyday not have the backache again.

Now their pelvis correction is very important for me.

A woman in her twenties, a fashion model

I have been visiting Nakameguro Seitai Kumahara Athlete for physical conditioning.

I feel very good after receiving pelvis correction, so I appreciate it since maintaining good posture is very important for my job.

I heard that Kumahara Athlete Support was going to open in Nakameguro, and I visited immediately to receive pelvis correction.

They used to offer on-site service only, but now they have a clinic so I’m happy I can visit for maintenance of my body anytime.

Thank you for the excellent pelvis correction.

Someone who live in Nakameguro definitely should visit.

A woman in her thirties who has pain in the knee

I got injured in marathon which is one of my hobbies. Since the pain didn’t dissapear, I visited orthopedics, bone setting, and seitai clinics and received various treatment such as injection or pelvis correction.

The injury, nonetheless, didn’t get better, so I decided to visit Nakameguro Seitai Kumahara Athlete Support.

Their service is very good, and so gave me such a good impression even before the treatment.

More than anything, their pelvis correction brought about great effect.

I had tried various kinds of pelvis corrections, so I was kind of suspicious at first, and I didn’t find it so special during the treatment.

But, I was surprised that the knee pain I had for a long time was gone after the treatment.

When the doctor said “The pain is gone because I performed the pelvis correction effectively to remove the cause of the pain”, I was totally amazed.

I decided to count on Nakameguro Seitai Kumahara Athlete Support when I have physical problems.

A man in his teen

I suffered from stiff shoulder for such a long time but my problem was completely solved when I received treatment at Nakameguro Seitai Kumahara Athlete Support.

I received a treatment for athletes, and I was impressed by their treatment technique.

If I have pain in the body, I will visit them ASAP.

I would recommend it to those who have stiff shoulder or sports trouble.

A man in his teen

I suffered from stiff shoulder and backache for a long time and had to constantly receive Seitai and massage.

One of my friends told me about Nakameguro Kumahara Athlete Support.

He told me that they are taking care of professional athletes, so my expectation was very high.

The treatment actually lived up to my expectation and now I constantly visit them for physical condition management.

I recommend Nakameguro Seitai Kumahara Athlete Support if you’d like to improve your physical condition.


The closest stations are Nakameguro St. and Daikanyama St. on Tokyu Toyoko line.
 3 minutes walk from the main entrance of Nakameguro St. and 8 minutes walk from Daikanyama St.

Reservation only.
Feel free to contact us.

〒153-0042 Sunrise Nakameguro 302,
1-30-13, Meguro-ku, tokyo
Open10am to 9pm

A message from the manager

Minoru Kumahara
Hello. I’m Kumahara, the manager of Kumahara Athlete Support.

I have been supporting professional and amateur athletes behind the scenes as a professional trainer. I was lucky enough to be a trainer of Samurai Japan national team, a conditioning director of Rakuten Eagles (which is a manager of trainers) etc.

I opened Nakameguro Seitai Kumahara Athlete Support, because I wanted to provide the professional technique to everybody, and support people who are suffering from diseases and pain which are not cured by general massage.

All the staff in Nakameguro Kumahara Athlete Support have professional training technique. Just massaging parts of your body where you have pain is never enough.

In order to remove the pain in the shoulder or the back for example, the root cause has to be removed.

Therefore, we combine correction of physical distortion, stretching, and finger-pressure to perform a personalized treatment depending on the body condition of each customer.

We would like to support your healthy life, and contribute to the community.
Sunrise Nakameguro 302, 1-30-13, Aobadai, Meguro-ku, tokyo